Self employed person in making

Meet Sheeba, she did her graduation last year in Computer Science, did not make real efforts to start a job as regular employee of any company because she was expecting to get married next year and was also busy in philanthropic work for one year. Now she is married, she realizes the fact that she should be a working woman to live a prosperous life, and is a bit confused how to give it a start or which career to choose. The writer of this blog encouraged her to explore the idea of becoming self-employed person, she agreed. here I would be narrating the exact week by week progress of this individual who has just started, and along with it I will be sharing my own experiences or further thoughts if any. By the way, the writer of this blog is also a beginner who started in September 2009 and took three months break July – August 2010, but has six years of porfessional experience in different organizations.

This is one of the most likely case of a girl living in South Asian countries. It might be yours too, and then there are cases where people just want to become in-charge of their own business and fed-up of their regular jobs due to various reasons. Whatever be the case, becoming a self-employed person in today’s world is easy as one can earn good amount of money by managing affairs him/herself in her/his own space and time. Yet! it is more challenging then doing a regular job as one has to become more disciplined and responsible.

The aim of this blog however is to develop a pattern for any individual from any profession to become self-employed person, be it the case of a writer, data-entry professional person, transcriptionist, SEO professional, office secretary basically any one who could sit in his or her own space and do specific work in his or her managed time.

As the time passes along, we might bend our course according to the needs. So here we go …

In September we sat and explored a few different areas of work which were present as “online jobs” at oDesk and elance, and tried to see what possible work can she get into, after scanning the categories she decided to hit the Graphic Designing field. By the way she didn’t like to program and she didn’t know what area of computer science she should pursue. She decided that she should start learning Graphic Designing through online tutorials and in the mean time also should start to earn.

To start earning right away there were various jobs she could do such as data-entry, office-assistant which she could readily start and the ranges of pay-scale was around $1/hour (unfortunately, it is exploitation of citizen from not-so-wealthy countries). She decided she will make a profile at oDesk then will start working, so she did and started hunting jobs. She passed the oDesk readiness test to increase her job quota from 2 to 10, which meant that she could apply for 10 jobs per week. For one month she tried and didn’t get any positive response. In the meantime, one friend got a job of programming and asked his to hire her. Now she has one job in profile, but not relevant to her field. She left the thought of working/earning and thought that she should learn first.

23 November 2010

After 15 days of break from office she is continuing office + learning:

History: In the beginning of November she decided to log the hours she is going to spend on learning but due to break she has studied so far CSS (through w3schools) and Photoshop (through videos, during the month of November. ~ 6 hours only.

Analysis: Her interest level was going down, as she could not see her doing any work so far. We again discussed and decided that we will adapt some rules, which are written in the following passage.

Approach for this week 23 Nov – 27 Nov: She will give around 8 hours to office desk daily.

So her daily time will be divided into two parts, learning & professional work. By professional work it means those activities which are directed towards earning money.
Study & learning as a graphic designer
(6 hours/ day)
Professional work (this is not specific for any profession at the moment)(2 hours/ day)
she will be focusing

she would start job hunting on two or three platforms:, She may look into the following blogs as well if she like: 

  1. #1 by shahida shuja on November 25, 2010 - 9:01 am

    Very good effort…..God helps those who help themselves

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